Venus Williams Makes Sports Illustrated’s 2018 Fashionable 50 List

Take one look at runway shows, city streets, red carpets and Instagram feeds and you’ll see the familiar faces of the world’s top athletes sporting a different look. Off the court or field, outside of the ring or away from the ice, these sports stars do away with uniforms and team colors and opt for attire more suitable to their varying personalities and tastes. From statement-makers to trendsetters, to classic gentlemen, sneakerheads and the designers building brands, athletes prove that fashion just isn’t about what you wear, it’s also about how you wear it and why you wear it. ​

As the worlds of sports and style continue to collide, the editors of Sports Illustrated unveil the third annual Fashionable 50 list, honoring the world’s most stylish athletes.​

Featured in the July 16, 2018, issue of Sports Illustrated, this year’s list – featuring JONESWORKS client Venus Williams – was selected by a panel of stylists, fashion editors and executives and other influencers in the industry. Check out Venus’ feature below!
Fashionable 50

Venus Williams

When asked, “Who are you wearing tonight?” there aren’t many athletes who can reply, “Myself.” That Venus Williams is a member of that select group is due partially to her sport—tennis players enjoy more creativity and freedom with few uniform requirements—but mostly because she has used her eye for style and business acumen to develop an activewear brand, EleVen by Venus Williams. “It’s a really organic process where I actually sit down and sketch what I’d like to create,” says the 38-year-old Williams, who holds a degree in fashion design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and owns the Florida-based design firm V Starr Interiors. Now in her 24th year on the WTA Tour, the seven-time Grand Slam singles champion says traveling the world to compete in tournaments has helped her discover new colors, prints and patterns, whether it’s at an antiques market in Paris or at an exhibition of emerging street artists in Madrid. “I always find it so interesting to learn the local culture and get inspired for new creations,” Williams says.