SB Project’s Shauna Nep Featured in Variety’s New Leaders 2020 Report

Courtesy of Erik Tanner/Netflix/Austin Hargrave

Hollywood’s New Leaders 2020

by Diane Garrett, Thomas K. Arnold, Jim Aswad, Andrew Barker, Jon Burlingame, Shalini Dore, LaTesha Harris, Paula Hendrickson, Carole Horst, Todd Longwell, Jenelle Riley, Ellise Shafer, Jazz Tangcay, Danielle Turchiano, Chris Willman

The pandemic has posed extra challenges for Hollywood’s emerging leaders, who have had, in many cases, to manage teams working remotely while also coping with a disrupted entertainment marketplace – and our country’s reckoning with racial injustice. But the talents on this list have prevailed, finding ways to connect with their teams via Zoom and pivot whenever necessary. The list includes executives, creatives, lawyers, agents and some show runners – each 40 years or younger.

Photo: Courtesy of Shauna Nep

Shauna Nep

VP of philanthropy, SB Projects, 33

“Since the company was founded, SB Projects has always incorporated social good into everything the company and our clients do,” says Nep of Scooter Braun’s 12-year-old management concern, which counts Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato on its roster. Among its initiatives: Demi Lovato’s the Mental Health Fun; Lil Dicky’s $800,000 donation to fight COVID-19 and climate change; and Ariana Grande’s partnership with HeadCount to register voters. “There is so much need, and our artists want to help,” says Nep, who helps mobilize “massive fanbases to take action on issues that matter and help them vote safely this election cycle.” JT

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