JONESWORKS Welcomes Shape House to Lifestyle Division

JONESWORKS is excited to announce that Shape House – an urban sweat lodge – has joined our client roster!

Boasting celebrity fans like the Kardashians and Selena Gomez, Shape House is a pro-sweat movement that encourages people to experience the benefits of sweating, including weight loss, glowing skin, hair health, muscle repair, enhanced sleep, toxin release, and stress reduction. During each 55-minute session, guests are wrapped in a far-infrared blanket, treated to lavender cold towels and alkaline water, and encouraged to relax while watching their favorite show. Following a session, guests are guided to a relaxation room for more “me” time over tea and oranges. Shape House is a place to heal, a place to let go, a place to let all melt away that is no longer serving a purpose.

Trim down. Tone up. Sweat it out. To book an appointment at one of Shape House’s ten locations across NYC and Los Angles, visit

Shape House