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We develop strategies that enable brands to authentically connect with consumers, create leadership positioning, top of mind awareness and solidify relevance in the marketplace. We're at the forefront of the constantly expanding media landscape, anticipating change and creating effective strategies for your specific needs. We think big, plan meticulously and involve you in every step of the process to promote your brand, optimize your profile and champion your cause.

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We’re selective about who we represent and our elite roster of talent, lifestyle, beauty, fashion and consumer brands reflect this guiding principle. Only the smart, brave, cool trailblazing kids sit at this table.

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In a space where you’re only as strong as your relationships, we're downright strapping. With an unsurpassed network of newsmakers, tastemakers and influencers across every touch point of new and traditional media, we ensure your brand is seen by all the right people and that new opportunities are constantly being uncovered. What can we say? We’re great at making friends.

Stephanie Jones Founder


Founded by PR veteran Stephanie Jones in 2011, JONESWORKS is a full-service public relations and brand consultancy representing an elite roster of talent, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and consumer brands. Agile. Strategic. Tactfully driven. Delightfully raw. Stephanie and her forward-thinking crew provide a tailored mix of public relations, marketing and brand-building designed to reinvigorate established brands and convert blue chip prospects into full-fledged beasts. Whether you’re a wily vet in search of rejuvenation or a young noisemaker ready to make the leap, we can tailor a bespoke plan just for you.



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  • Steph is like family- she always tells you the truth, pushes you to be better and would go to war for you. She's built an amazing team of talented, passionate and kick-ass ladies (and now a gentleman) who I trust with the FCancer brand as well as my own. They've never steered us wrong, have helped us grow immensely and always go the extra mile for us. SJ is smart, hilarious and creative- just the type of power woman you want helping drive your brand or company. But you definitely shouldn't hire her.. Mostly because I don't want to share her amazingness.


    Founder, F*** Cancer

  • Throughout my career I have the opportunity to work with many PR firms, but I have never found one that compares with the quality of thinking and ability to get results that JONESWORKS does.

    Ryan Blair

    CEO and Co-Founder of ViSalus

  • Stephanie and her team are more like an extension of my family, than just a PR firm. JONESWORKS has secured outstanding press opportunities that played an instrumental role in my book "Dot Complicated" reaching #4 on the New York Times Best Seller list and #1 on the WSJ business book list. Additionally, Stephanie and team have truly helped grow my business by securing numerous high profile press opportunities across print, television, radio, and online, including recurring contributor slots on such massive reach shows as the Today Show and The Katie show. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Stephanie's amazing work doesn't stop at just press. Earlier this year, Stephanie was instrumental in helping me realize my life dream of performing in a Broadway musical. While this was way beyond her scope of work, she knew that this was a huge dream of mine, and went out of her way to meet with Broadway producers and pursue the opportunity for me. Working with Stephanie and her team is like acquiring several additional sisters, who you know will fight for you on the playground, be honest with you when nobody else will, and have your back through the good and the bad. Any business would be lucky to work with Stephanie and her incredible team.

    Randi Zuckerberg

    Founder & CEO Zuckerberg Media & NYT Bestselling Author of Dot Complicated

  • I have worked with Steph for over a decade. I probably know her personally and professionally better than anyone. She is a sister, partner, trained assassin, confidant, sounding board, friend, advisor, troubleshooter, passionate advocate, and business soulmate. Nobody I'd rather share, protect and be protected in a foxhole with more than her.

    Donny Deutsch

    Television Host & Chairman, Deutsch Inc.

  • Finding a partner who is as obsessed with your business as you are is rare. Steph Jones and her team believed in our vision from its infancy stage, and obsessively helped us devise a communication plan that aligned with our brand mission. Through divergent thinking, strategic execution and sheer creativity, JWI shaved years off of our brand development phase. While measuring the ROI of public relations can sometimes be a tough thing to gauge, we can candidly say that our most profitable days and months were direct results from their work and exposure. Brands are built on what people are saying about you, not what you’re saying about yourself. Steph Jones and JWI get people talking….a lot!

    Adam Schoenberg & Cory Rosenberg

    Founders hook + ALBERT

  • We evaluated many PR firms for our brand-building needs and JONESWORKS was the clear winner. We’ve been thrilled with our choice! Stephanie and her friendly, passionate team are true experts across fashion and business PR and have the relationships to fill up our calendars with desksides and interviews. They’ve gotten our products and people in front of targeted media from day one. We appreciate their strategic thought partnership as we explore events, influencer partnerships and more. We’re excited to have JONESWORKS as an ongoing driver of our growth.

    Andrea Wasserman

    CEO Sole Society

  • Stephanie Jones & her absurdly talented team of gurus have helped to grow and transform Style Me Pretty into what we are today. From spots on Today Show, Rachel Ray to Harper's Bazaar (and about a million in between), JONESWORKS has made sure that SMP is top of mind for every editor that is making things happen. Her attention to all of those little details that make SMP great has meant that she's explored every angle, every possible "special something" that easily translates into real, wish-list kind of press. And it doesn't hurt that every last person on Stephanie's team is gracious and kind and willing to put in the time to ensure that SMP always has its best face forward. In JONESWORKS, we've not only found people that are smart and savvy and totally get it, we've found a handful of people we know we will call friends for life.

    Style Me Pretty

    Abby Larson, Founder & Editor

  • To say that Stephanie and her team have been instrumental in the growth of my brand would be a tremendous understatement. When we first started out, we were two small companies looking to take our respective worlds by storm. Through Stephanie's hard work, strategic vision and unrelenting support and dedication, we have grown into a global company and household name within the fashion industry. They approach every day with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm that it takes to bring brands to the forefront and top of mind within our industry, and even more importantly, they deliver on their goals. On a personal note, Stephanie has been a great friend, a true believer of the brand and a driving force in growth of Kendra Scott Jewelry.

    Kendra Scott

    Kendra Scott, Founder & CEO

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